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Become a Member of our exclusive Community that supports the Asheville School of Classic Rock (ASCR)... it is dedicated to helping Students refine their present Musical abilities to a Level that meets their specific Goals,,, which were compiled through an intensive consultation effort with trained Music Professionals

Our rigorous program combines Ear and Voice training with learning how the complex Music Industry works for producing Music; its challenges and pitfalls that plague those not familiar with its intricacies... it helps Students choose which Avenue to pursue, as a working Artist or an Industry-specific Job. Each Sudent will receive a "Pathway" of education and training required to succeed in their Goals

Come Explore our Membership Community dedicated to Classic Rock Music... Join us to watch our YouTube Webcasts, participate in our extensive Band Forums, and Vote for your favorites and CR Matters.... stay updated with our Newsletter featuring news about your favorite Artists, Bands, and Songs... browse our Gallery of hundreds of Pix and Vids of iconic Artists and Bands and submit your favorite Pix and Vids with our Community for consideration.

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