Help Wannabee Musicians

In this Special Section, we will Poat the following:

1. Advertisements for Music Industry Employment and Promotion opportunities - each ad will be scrutinized in-depth for Scams... so be careful or you will be reported to the FBI !!!

2. You may submit "Professional Classic Rock Songs" for consideration to be posted on our main page... we will be having contests for the Asheville Classic Rock Idol this Summer... join our free Newsletter to keep in touch.

Note: As we want to also help any Musicians who are not CRockers... you may submit your Professional Songs for consideration.

3. As we live in the Music Capital of WNC, we will post all Concerts forthcoming, requests for Musical support, and reviews of local Bands... same rules apply for submissions.

Asheville is a Mecca for Wannabee Musicians, and along with the Asheville School of Classic Rock, our Goal is to support them in full... step it up Mates and join in the Journey... Willie... Rock On ♪♪♪