Welcome to the Journey

Why become a Member of Classic Rock Turntables.com

We are a Community of “Like-minded” Music lovers who are HUGE Fans of the Classic Rock (CR) brand of Music and support the Asheville School of Classic Rock.

Being “Like-minded” means that we are all considered “Equal” in our Passion for Music… but, it does NOT mean that we all agree on where Bands and their Songs Rank… where Artists, Bands, or Songs Rank in terms of who is the best vs. the worst, who are the Wannabees” like “One-Hit-Wonders" that are not on any Lists.,

Note: As of March 12, 2024, we are now affiliated with our Big Sister Group (NIGHT WAVES) in Liverpool, England, and will share our Content, Members, and the "Brit" view of Classic Rock Music in the "Mother Land"... what Fun!

We welcome Members from all Music Genres, especially those who are Blues and Jazz Fusion (Blazz) aficionados... as we feel strongly about the relationship between R&B and Classic Rock Tracks to another level.

Most importantly, as a Member, you get to voice your opinions every Monday Night at 7 pm on our Webcast, which airs on YouTube, where we discuss topics submitted by Members, review the Voting from last week, and layout and discuss the Voting for this week.

We also will have a Forum for each of the Top 100 Classic Rock Bands... questions and answers will be dealt with in our CRT Blogs

Besides being a Member of our Community, you get the satisfaction of knowing that your Donations (Tax-Free) go to support the Asheville School of Classic Rock... where we help Wannabee Musicians refine their Skills, learn the beneficial Elements of what Classic Rock "Sounds" offers... we also cover the Intricacies of the Music Industry that Musicians must encounter to be successful... and to help design and evolve the Curriculum of the School and to create and support the Music Events held at Venues in Western NC...

Please Note: The ONLY Prejudice allowed in this Community is that one with a Passion for a particular Band or Artist may totally disagree with others' opinions on its Ranking... and they are allowed to debate ‘til their Heart's content to convince other members that they are right!… following the “Rules-of-the-Road” of course!!!

Come along and join our Journey, refine your passion for Classic Rock, and support our School... thanks again in advance...

Willie W. Nelson... whose Idol turned 90 in 2023